Recipes in alphabetical order
No. Name of the dishes
122 Almond leek pie with smoked salmon
104 Archipelago bread a 'la Raija and Erik from Findland
138 Asparagus frikasse with smoked hamburger back and mashed potatoes
77 Bacalhau Good Friday dinner
128 Baccalao stew Walter-Angler
105 Bacon homemade
106 Bacon with onions and homemade bacon
133 Basturma Armenian Style with Pork Tenderloin
41 Beach crab soup with monkfish
109 Beef stew with beef cuvette and chorizo ​​sausage Italian dish
111 Beef Tail Soup - Powerful and Hot
46 Blini's Russian pancake with caviar
69 Blue shark steak on the bottom of a glass bowl, with a mushroom sauce
76 Boiled cod with mustard sauce
10 Boiled salmon with Hollandaise sauce
62 Borscht soup cooked on Osso Buco with Danish root vegetables
28 Böhmische Goulash with homemade bran dumpling
27 Böhmische semmel dumpling homemade
55 Cauliflower soup with coconut milk and seafood
40A Cheese making equipment
40 Cheese or Rygeost homemade
119 Chicken on beer can in Grill
90 Chicken thighs braised in Porter
112 Chili con carne
23 Clipfish made by an angler
53 Cod baked in tinfoil with Feta or Apetina cheese and spices
45 Cod gratin in a new way
6 Cod marinated with side dishes a salad
34 Cod roe hot smoked
66 Cold-smoked salmon
142 Confit duck leg layered on herbs and root vegatables
29 Cooked crayfish in seasoning
47 Cool in Hot, Red Thaimix
78 Coq au vin Burgundy
123 Cracked beef breast with root vegetables and horseradish sauce
50 Creamy Jerusalem artichoke soup with smoked salmon
131 Crondyr club in net with Waldorf salad
80 Dirty eggs in mustard sauce with picked cod
32 Eel fried served with cream stewed potatoes in parsley sauce
140 Eel in jelly
120 Eggplants stuffed with mussels and quinoa with tomato salad
16 Fish cake a'la Jørgen Walter
3 Fish cakes with remoulade and french fries
2 Fish soup Hot Chili
9 Fish soup with tiger prawns and lobster tails
35 Fishing Paella
1 Fried herring in vinegar layer with new potatoes
36 Giant prawns home smoked
21 Grapevine snails from soil to table
26 Gravadlaks self-captured rainbow from Karlstrup
132 Hamburger back with collard greens and browned potatoes
39 Herring for lunch home smoked
48 Herring salad of own spicy herring
33 Herring salting and marinating
129 Hot-smoked duck breast with a fantastic taste
18 Hovmestertorsk
71 Hummus homemade
61 Indian fish dish with rice for "The day after"
30 Irish Lamb Stew
98 Kale with smoked pork, salted pork, rye bread and mustard
130 Kippers in spice oil
126 Large tiger prawns with white asparagus
20 Lemon pepper smoked salmon or sea trout with mashed potatoes
72 Liver pie with beetroot homemade
56 Lost Turtle with eggs and fish balls
5 Mackerel - freshly caught and fried on the pan
60 Marinated bloody Mary herring
52 Marinated herring fillet with new Danish potatoes
93 Marinated lamb shank with cream stewed potatoes
88 Marinated, smoked tuna steaks with Shopska Salad
73 Moussaka with cod or minced lamb
25 Mullet grilled and smoked in a salty crust served with Salsa Verde
57 Mullet oven baked on herbs
13 Mussel soup with garlic bread Spicy starter
83 Omelette with bacon for lunch
37 Oriental cod dish with coconut milk and curry
82 Oriental curry chops in dish with rice
103 Oriental or Danish fishing ragout
7 Oriental plaice fillets
67 Original Indian homemade Chutney
114 Osso Buco sous vide cooking
4 Oven baked with mustard sauce
94 Oven-baked haddock with white asparagus, new potatoes and dill sauce
135 Pancetta Italian Bacon
54 Pangasius fillet with mushrooms stuffed with garlic cheese
51 Pangasius fillet with new Danish potatoes and white asparagus
134 Pastirma Egyptian Style with ribeye roast
85 Pepper stuffed with tuna and bulgur
15 Perch fried in the wilderness
101 Pheasant with apples, dates and Port wine sauce
99 Pigeons fried in a pan served with Waldorf salad
97 Pike fishing meatballs with new potatoes and butter sauce a Swedish dish
143 Pizza homemade in our own stone oven
49 Plaice fillet with seafood mousse
117 Pljeskavica (Serbian Hamburger) with Shopska Salad
118 Pork jaws braised in Madeira with mashed potatoes
42 Potato and leek soup with smoked eel
124 Prawns in coconut milk
24 Rainbow grilled with pine nuts roasted in garlic olive oil
137 Rainbow trout freshly caught and hot smoked
8 Rainbow trout roasted whole with spicy green
95 Rakefish is a Norwegian specialty made from trout
96 Red fish grilled with new Danish potatoes and "Grandma" salad
125 Redfish in a dish with vegetables
59 Rhymed Christmas Salmon with Dillnap
14 Rimmad (salted) salmon with scrambled eggs and spicy schnapps
79 Salmon and shrimp baked in FilloDej
68 Salmon baked in spelled bread
31 Salmon or trout fillet baked in puff pastry
19 Salmon rum-smoked
136 Schwarz-Walter-Schinken
87 Sea salmon salad
115 Sea trout oven baked
58 Shrimp and mussel soup cooked in a pot with root vegetables
102 Skipperlabskovs with chives and beets
74 Smoked back shoulder of icing
75 Smoked duck braised in beer
43 Smoked eel, egg yolk and chives
70 Smoked mackerel with chickpeas and green salad
91 Smoked potato snacks with Slag in
108 Sous Vide recipe with beef cuvette
107 Sous Vide recipe with veal culotte
110 Sous Vide roast pork with crispy crust
139 Spaghetti Bolognese
92 Spice fat of duck and lard
65 Spicy seafood with noodles
38 Steamed halibut with white asparagus
11 Steamed saithe fillet with vegetables
17 Stinging nettle soup a la Conny Kock
100 Stirred tartar for 4 people with homemade Hot, Red Thaimix
89 Stone Age bread
86 Sunny eggs with herring or smoked salmon
121 Thai salmon meatballs
63 Tough in spicy coconut milk with rice and herbs
22 Trout in jelly a 'la Bente
64 Tuna and shrimp in spicy salad with feta cheese
84 Tuna steak with rice and tomato salad with mozzarella
12 Turbot or brill fried with root fruits
113 Turbot oven baked
141 Vacuum salted and smoked duck breast
81 Veal culotte on grill with Shopska Salad
127 Warm homemade liver pâté with chanterelles stewed in cream
116 Wild boar stick salted and smoked
44 Yellow peas as an angler does
46A Yorkshire Pudding