Home smoked cheese or Rygeost
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Shopping List for 4 adults

Danish version

3 l fresh, low-pasteurized, unhomogenized and organic whole milk
2 dl fresh buttermilk (Acid-rich)
1 pinch lipase, enzyme mixed in 10 ml cold water

NB: Used raw milk or low pasteurized whole milk (72 C for 15 seconds)
and unhomogenized whole milk no need for lipase
Used high pasteurizing whole milk (80 C to 90 C for 5 to 30 sec. )
and homogenized whole milk use lipase

tsp. ca. 8 drops of rennet mixed in 10 ml of cold water
1 tbsp. Ls sewing salt, Do not use salt with iodine
1 tbsp. Caraway, dried or
1 tbsp. Chili, dried and crushed

Read about:
Acid range, Rennet, Ls sewing salt, Fakta whole milk, and Farm milk
Lipase enzyme from lamb mild and Lipase enzyme from goat medium

NOTE: Rennet can stay in the refrigerator for several years. Impact loses
1% per month, so it can be compensated by adding more rennet.
My bottle has been around since 2008. In 2018 I had to buy a new one.
I'm familiar with Danish whole milk is low-pasteurized.
Home smoked cheese or Rygeost
Home smoked cheese or Rygeost
Two great Yogurt Bread on whey
Two great Yogurt Bread on whey

Procedure without liability: Smoked cheese is a fresh cheese that is eaten fresh without storage. So in principle one can omit lipase, but by adding lipase, one can proceed to Feta cheese.

Sweet whole milk and buttermilk are heated to 32 C (90 F) in a clean steel pot. Measure the temperature so that the limit is not exceeded. In a glass with 10 ml of cold water add starter culture lipase, stir in the glass. If the lipase is made the day before, optimal effect is achieved. Add the mixture to the milk mixture and stir gently in the pot. There should not be air bubbles in the cheese milk. Cover the pot with a clean towel to keep warm and place the pot in a warm place min. 24 C (75 F) for 30 minutes. In a glass with 10 ml of cold water add rennet, stir in the glass. Add the mixture to the milk mixture and stir gently without air bubbles coming into the cheese milk.

After 1 hour at 24 C (75 F), the milk is coagulated and is now swimming in the whey. Now cut the coagulated milk for approx. 3 cm cubes, crosswise and obliquely, as can be done in the pot. Take a skimmer and gently stir in the curd and share the lumps that are not split properly.

After 1 hour at 24 C (75 F), the curd has fallen to the bottom and can now be poured into a sieve lined with cheese cloth or a juice bag on a stand. When most of the whey is dripped - takes an hour to two - add salt and spices. Mix these spices well into the curd and bring the curd back into the cheese cloth. Tighten the cheesecloth by twisting the cloth so that more whey runs out. Then put it all into the refrigerator and let it drain for the next day. The curd is now divided into 2 or 4 aluminum trays, depending on the size. A larger surface gives a more smoky taste in the cheese. Sprinkle a little caraway/chilli on the surface before placing the trays in the smokig oven.

I use another method. I hang the whole sieve with the curd in the smokig oven. The view is shown in the picture above, where the cheesecloth is now removed. Here you must of course choose whether or not to add caraway/chilli. You get two trays of smoking cheese of 300 g per tray. It's the pure gold.

Smoking: Come approx. 2 liters of smoke sawdust - I use beech sawdust - on the sawdust tray in the smokig oven. Set the temperature regulator to 30 C (86 F) and pour 1 dl of alcohol on the leading edge of the sawdust. Light up and wait approx. half an hour to the temperature and the smoke development has stabilized around 30 C. Hang the sieve into the smokig oven. If you use aluminum trays, put them on a grate at the top of the smokig oven. If you let the cheese smoke for 60 minutes, you get a light smoke flavor. I smoke my cheeses for 2 hours but never reaches more than 32 C (90 F). If you can get oat straw, then come something on the smoke dust. Other herbs are also suitable for giving a characteristic flavor in the cheese. The larger the surface you have on the cheese, the more smoke it penetrates into the cheese.

Serving: A good piece of rye bread is greased and then a layer of smoking cheese.

Decorations: The freshly ground coarse pepper, radishes and chives decorate a food.

Drinking: A cold pilsner with a good bowl of snaps fits excellently into homemade "Smoked Cheese".

Tip: Make two trays with caraway and two without caraway. Not everyone likes caraway.

You've probably noticed that I smoke my cheese in 2 hours, where against other recipes say a few minutes. Why? Smoke at low temperature contains less tar - PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), which may be carcinogenic. I therefore smoke cheese for a long time at low temperature. Other recipes indicating a few minutes at high temperature.

You start with approx. 3.2 kg milk products and ends with 720 g cheese. The rest is drained or evaporated whey, which is either discarded or used for baked pastries. In Norway they make "Myseost" of the whey. In Switzerland they make soft drinks (Rivella) from the whey. References to bakery recipes follow here: Green bagels & herb butter. When baking white bread, replace the water with whey. Buy a bag of yogurt flour and 50 g of yeast, replace 6 dl of water with 6 dl of whey. Just follow the recipe on the bag and you have a great bread. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top before baking bread.

The image above shows two yogurt bread baked from a bag of flour and 6 dl whey with 100 g of sesame seeds dissolved in the whey.

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